Fidget Spinner Toy EDC Hand Spinners

Fidget Spinner Toy EDC Hand Spinners

  • NO MORE Fidgety hands: With this Spinner stress REDUCER, you can finally say goodbye to boredom, anxiety, even smoking and nail biting. Increase your FOCUS and concentration with the metal 360 Fidget Spinner Toy, PERFECT for adults & children.
  • PERFECT for ADD, ADHD & Autism: Because the Fidget Spinner spins with continuous high SPEED, the level of concentration and focus increases. This Fidget Toys Spinner calms the nerves and settles the mind, letting your creativity run wild. This 360 hand spinner toy is incredibly fun, becoming your faithful little pocket friend. Plus, it is super SIMPLE to master! Continuous strikes to get the toy spinning! No Speed Limit! With the Wristband on, this Fidget Toys Spinner will glow in the dark.

Power Module for Paper Airplane

Power Module for Paper Airplane Power Up 3.0 DIY Electrical Power Module for Paper Airplane.

The paper plane can be controlled via bluetooth 4.0 by a smartphone, for up to 55M upper air control. Tilt the iPhone to left or right to control the direction of the paper airplane.

PowerUp3.0 consists of two parts, the front is smart control template and rechargeable lithium polymer battery, packing into the box made of carbon fiber, which is very resistant to fall off. Mini USB can travel for 10 minutes after full charge. The back is a small screw and a tail to control the direction.